​90 minutes intake session  $255.00

50 minutes individual therapy/medical advocacy or virtual session $175.00

90 minutes individual/medical advocacy session $255.00

30 minutes individual therapy or follow-up consultation session  $90.00

50 minutes couple's session $180.00

70 minute PANDAS/PANS consultation session  $255.00

Discounted fee services are available to clients with limited income upon request and availability.

Dr. Lisa Scholder, LP

Phone: (612) 300-2440


Call Us:  (612) 300-2440


Services Provided:

Covid 19 trauma recovery for survivors, loved ones, and medical staff

Individual Adult/Teen Psychotherapy

HIPAA Compliant Virtual Therapy/Consultation

EMDR Therapy/DBT Therapy

Medical Advocacy

PANDAS/PANS Consultation

Couple's Psychotherapy-Equally affirming heterosexual and same sex couples


To provide you with the most individualized and discreet therapy services, I accept checks, HSA debit cards, or all major credit cards on a fee for service pay schedule.  Out of network benefits documentation provided for those using insurance. Please schedule today for your FREE 30 minute consultation appointment to meet, discuss your therapy goals, and payment options.